These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

With my December birthday and Christmas squarely in the rear view, it might seem odd to be making a wish list. But with the new year comes new clarity of vision. Don’t you find?

As I reflect on my goals and resolutions for 2020, the greener, more connected life that I envision for myself and my family is coming into sharper focus, putting relationships and the planet first. My “words” for 2020 are all of the circular variety: Reduce, Reuse, Rebuild, Repair, Restore…

In 2020, I’ll be stepping back even further from single-use plastics, from synthetic clothing and the microplastics that they shed, from resource-intensive red meats, from prepared foods and take-outs and all their convenient containers. I’ll be embracing the simplicity of a muuuuuch lower bar for what counts as “dinner”  and hosting more potlucks. I’ll be signing up for sewing classes, and watching YouTube videos on embroidery and visible mending.

When I shop for myself this year, I’ll be guided more than ever by my appreciation of all things organic, natural, reused, repaired, handmade, and upcycled. I’ll be asking my family and friends to do the same, when they shop for me. 

I want to share with you the most amazing gift I received this Christmas: a wooden spoon. 

A beautiful object in its own right, this simple spoon is made of smooth, hard cherry wood, with a handle that invites one to wonder whether its core contains unicorn hair, dragon heartstring, or pheonix feather. What moved me even more than its beauty, though, was the realization that it was made from salvaged wood. The care taken to carve and polish this one-of-a-kind spoon from salvaged wood, and the thought put into by my Mom in choosing it for me, are truly beautiful. 

My favourite gifts from this holiday season are special not just for what they are, but for the deep understanding of my values that they reflect, on the part of my friends and family. A truly great gift makes you feel seen, known, and loved.

This thoughtfulness by friends and family has inspired me to make a list for 2020 of things that truly reflect who I am and what I value. It will help my family shop for me, sure, but it will also serve as a guide to my own adventures in consumerism, and stand as a reminder when Amazon comes calling.

Here goes:


My favourite cozy things: wool socks, cashmere, sweaters, scarves, soft knit or woven shawls & throws -- thrifted or handed down, even better.

My favourite natural things: organic cotton, silk, wool, silver, hemp, amber, quartz, geodes that sparkle, fragrant beeswax, honey, sea sponge, cork, plants -- all the plants -- in ceramic or clay pots, macrame hanging baskets.

My favourite vintage, secondhand & thrifted things: vintage pyrex bowls, antique silver candlesticks, cloth napkins and dish towels, vintage crystal wine glasses, cast iron pans, a great book, silk scarves (wear them, swag them on a purse, wrap gifts in them -- these are a lifelong favourite), and of course toys!

My favourite reusable things: glass and steel food storage containers, water bottles, coffee mugs, tote bags.

My favourite upcycled things: one-of-a-kind treasures made using salvaged fabric, wood, or other rescued materials.

My favourite homemade & handmade things: jam, kombucha, gravlax, breads, soups, pickles & kimchi.

May 2020 be the year of things that are truly special to you, and reflect who you are. May we all work together to let the rest go.

Happy New Year!


Founder, Tiny Toy Co.

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