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Loose Parts Learning: Letter Sounds Set
Loose Parts Learning: Letter Sounds Set

Loose Parts Learning: Letter Sounds Set

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This set of 35 language toys represents all single-letter sounds A-Z, using high recognition value objects.

Although there are 26 letters in the alphabet, several of them make more than one sound. Here are the letters of note in this 35-piece set:

A, E, I, O, U: both long and short initial sounds are represented

Y: all three Y sounds are represented: e.g., Yogurt, babY, butterflY

C: both hard and soft C sounds are represented: e.g., Cereal, Cup

G: both hard and soft G sounds are represented: e.g., Guitar, Giraffe

X: In teaching letter sounds, it is not useful to force an artificial "Starts With..." construct onto the alphabet. No English word starts with X making its typical and most useful "xssss" sound. In keeping with our focus on teaching useful letter sounds for the purpose of beginning reading skills, we have instead included high-recognition objects that use X in its typical way, e.g., heXagon, siX, foX, taXi, T-ReX.

Included: 35 hand-selected tiny toys, representing 35 sounds

Condition: Excellent Used Condition

Ages: 3+ (small parts)

Curriculum Connections:

  • Phonemic Awareness / Reading / Spelling
  • Oral language skills: descriptive language, adjectives
  • Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes story telling, role playing, and creativity


NOTE: We are proud to have created this environmentally-friendly, upcycled play set by combining pieces from multiple sources, redirecting them from landfill and extending their play value. DUE TO THE UPCYCLED NATURE OF THIS LEARNING KIT, ITEMS MAY DIFFER FROM THOSE IN PICTURE BUT WILL ADHERE TO THE DESCRIPTION ABOVE. Basket not included.