Loose Parts Learning: "Connect the Thoughts" (TM)
Loose Parts Learning: "Connect the Thoughts" (TM)
Loose Parts Learning: "Connect the Thoughts" (TM)
Loose Parts Learning: "Connect the Thoughts" (TM)

Loose Parts Learning: "Connect the Thoughts" (TM)

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"Connect the Thoughts" (TM)

This powerful brain-building Tiny Toy Co. original challenges kids to think conceptually, and develops both literacy skills and creative thinking skills.

Pair items that "go together" in some way, and be prepared to explain your thinking. How are the two thoughts connected? Same colour, function, habitat, number, shape, initial letter, vowel sound, rhyme, predator/prey, use/need...the connections are limitless, and so is your child's cognitive development.

There are so many possibilities in this hand-selected collection: Do you match "8" with "plate" for a rhyme, or with the octopus who has 8 legs? That's up to you, but be prepared to defend your thinking!

Titrate the difficulty level down for younger learners, or up high enough to challenge even adults! Teacher-created lesson plans and levelled game instructions included.

Take the handy drawstring sack to restaurants, family parties, or anywhere kids get bored. We've seen this game be a hit at adult parties too!


  • 36 hand-selected, upcycled tiny toys
  • 26 toy letters A-Z
  • 1 upcycled muffin tin sorting tray
  • Game Instructions for "Connect the Thoughts" (TM) including 4 difficulty levels for ages 3-99
  • 1 NEW organic cotton storage bag
  • FREE BONUS: Lesson Plan for 10 More Learning Activities with Tiny Toys

Condition: Excellent Used Condition

Ages: 3-99 (Small Parts)

Curriculum Connections: 

  • Brain Building, Logical & Creative Thinking, Problem Solving
  • Oral Langauge & Speech Development
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Phonemic Awareness: letter/sound/word associations
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Play-Based Learning with Loose Parts

Note: each set of 36 tiny toys and 26 letters is unique and may differ from those depicted, but is hand-selected by our teacher-librarian and Tiny Toy Co. founder for guaranteed fun and learning.