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Dice Math:  Counting and Addition 1-12
Dice Math:  Counting and Addition 1-12

Dice Math: Counting and Addition 1-12

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Roll your way to play-based numeracy! Each NEW screw-top tub contains 12 upcycled tiny toys and a pair of upcycled dice! Toss it in your purse for fun on the road, and support early numeracy skills. 

Ways to Play:

  1. Roll one die and count out the corresponding number of toys.
  2. Roll two dice and count out the corresponding numbers of toys on each. Show your child how to push the quantities "all together" and count again for the total! Math vocabulary: how many, all together, in total, quantity, sum, solve
  3. Challenge: can you find another way to compose (build) that quantity? E.g., 3+5=8 Ask: What other number combinations would have added to a sum of 8? Learning to compose and decompose quantities is an essential early numeracy skill!

Included: 1 NEW plastic storage tub with screw-tight lid, 2 upcycled dice, 12 matching upcycled tiny toys. Each set is unique.

Condition: excellent used condition

Ages: 3+ due to small parts. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD

Safety Note: The safe use of all toys purchased secondhand, through Tiny Toy Co. or elsewhere, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please supervise your child’s play, and in the absence of original packaging, please use online resources to reference up-to-date safety information. Tiny Toy Co. cannot be responsible for damage or injury caused by use of items post-sale.