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Boredom Buster Box
Boredom Buster Box

Boredom Buster Box

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We've put lots of fun little treats into each environmentally responsible Boredom Buster Box (TM), including prewashed, upcycled toys and an educational card with instructions for a play-based activity. What a fun surprise for kids stuck at home!

Order any combination of "Boys," "Girls," or "Gender-Neutral" and "toddler-preschool" or "primary." Toddler boxes will contain larger toys without small parts, however child safety always requires adult supervision.

Please note that the sorting of toys by gender is solely for the purpose of customers' convenience in identifying the type of toys preferred by your child, and is not an indication of the gender of the child. We believe that all toys are for all kids.

SEND TO A FRIEND: Every Boredom Buster Box (TM) also contains a mission statement card to help your guests understand and appreciate your environmental efforts. Together, we can grow awareness about toy waste, and kid-powered solutions!


  • Minimum of 10 prewashed, upcycled toys (selection in each box is unique)
  • 1 teacher-designed activity card to use Tiny Toys for Loose Parts Learning at home. There are 20 unique activity cards - collect them all!
  • 1 mission statement card, explaining our shared responsibility for tackling toy waste


Note: Due to small parts, changing safety and recall information, and the absence of original packaging/instructions, the safe use of all toys purchased secondhand, through Tiny Toy Co. or elsewhere, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please exercise judgement, and use online resources to assist in adhering to up-to-date safety information.