ZINGO! Bingo with a Zing *EARLY SIGHT WORDS*
ZINGO! Bingo with a Zing *EARLY SIGHT WORDS*
ZINGO! Bingo with a Zing *EARLY SIGHT WORDS*

ZINGO! Bingo with a Zing *EARLY SIGHT WORDS*

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"ZINGO! brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo. Slide the Zinger machine to reveal word and picture tiles, make a match and fill your bingo card to win. Images with printed words and two levels of play (more and less competitive) make this the perfect game to grow with." 

ZINGO! encourages learning of early sight words, turn-taking skills, fine-motor skills, and makes a great language game for English Language Learners, or speech therapy students too.

Use the reload slots in the Zinger machine for easy cleanup of the tiles.

Game maker ThinkFun is our top pick for educational brain-building games, an we're proud to refurbish their entire line through our signature process of collecting pieces to complete sets for reuse.

Teacher Tips:

  • To avoid conflict over grabbing tiles, and to reduce anxiety over this fast-paced competition, try adding this rule: whoever says the word first can claim the tile.
  • Add to the language learning opportunities by teaching game language such as: next, your turn, slide, load, flip, and match. Have each player say "Mine, please!" and "It's a match" as well as discussing which picture tiles they need in order to get "Zingo" and win.
  • Cleaning Up: Draw kids' attention to the reload slots in the Zinger machine, for easy clean up. Make sure they notice that the double-sided tiles can go in with either picture facing up, but are rounded at the top, and must go in "top first."

Condition: excellent used condition

Ages: 2+ / 2-6 Players


The Tiny Toy Co. Upcycling Process: We're proud to create upcycled and refurbished games through our signature (Re)Bulk process, combining pieces from many sources over many months. Thank you for valuing the tremendous amount of work involved in this environmental rescue mission. Together, we're diverting toy waste away from landfill, and putting toys back in play.

Safety Note: Due to small parts, changing safety and recall information, and the absence of original packaging/instructions, the safe use of all toys purchased secondhand, through Tiny Toy Co. or elsewhere, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please exercise judgement, supervise your child’s play, and use online resources to assist in adhering to up-to-date safety information. Tiny Toy Co. cannot be responsible for damage or injury caused by use of items post sale.