Collection: Sponsor a Terracycle Zero Waste Box!

Even after we do our very best (and our best is pretty great!) to find creative reuses for your toy waste, there are still pieces we just can't upcycle. Some pieces are sharp and broken, or no longer look like a recognizable object, or are just pieces of random plastic. Never fear! We still don't send them to the landfill. We Terracycle!

Terracycle is an industrial recycling company that sorts and recycles many forms of waste at the mechanical/chemical levels, for use in industry. Terracycle's Zero Waste Recycling Boxes are priced to reflect the energy, labour, and machinery required for the recycling of rigid plastics. When you donate here, your support goes towards the per box cost + HST for rigid plastic recycling with Terracycle. Learn more about recycling with Terracycle here.

Sponsor the zero-waste recycling of unusable rigid toy plastics with Tiny Toy Co.:

  • Donate $328 to cover the cost of recycling a LARGE Terracycle box for toy waste (15x15x40)
  • Donate $208 to cover the cost of recycling a MEDIUM Terracycle box for toy waste (11x11x40)
  • Donate $111 to cover the cost of recycling a SMALL Terracycle box for toy waste (10x10x18)

Interested in booking a school or community group workshop with Tiny Toy Co.? We'll donate our entire $328 workshop fee towards the Terracycling of toy waste! You will:

  1. Receive an interactive, one-hour educational workshop for up to 40 students.
  2. Take up a collection of toy waste in your school or community organization  for upcycling/recycling with Tiny Toy Co.
  3. Run a loonie/toonie day to collect the $328 workshop fee for toy recycling. It's a great way to raise awareness about toy waste and the global plastic crisis! The entire amount will be directed to Terracycling of unusable toy waste. Raised more? We'll use it to cover the Terracycling of waste collected from other communities. Way to show your civic responsibility, team!
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