Ant & Egg Pull Toy

Ant & Egg Pull Toy

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This sweet, wooden ant from Brio is like-new! Made of wood with a spring tail, head, and antennae, the ant bobbles as your little one pulls the string along, and the egg (not attached) it carries on its back flips and spins from the motion of the wheels. Super fun action toy! Made in Italy.

NOTE: We are proud to have created this environmentally-friendly, upcycled play set by combining pieces from multiple sources, redirecting them from landfill and extending their play value.

Condition: Like New

Ages: 12M+

Curriculum Connections:

  • Gross Motor Coordination
  • Fine Motor Skills: Promotes dexterity, hand-eye coordination
  • Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes story telling, role playing, and creativity