Liability Waiver:

The following liability waiver applies to all products purchased on our site. A purchase on our site is considered an electronic acceptance of our terms and conditions, including this liability waiver.

Please be aware that the use of all toys, whether new or secondhand, must be carefully supervised by an adult. Toys with small parts pose a significant choking risk and should not be given to children under the age of 3. Secondhand toys pose the additional risk that parts and fasteners may have degraded through previous use or the passage of time since manufacture of a toy. All secondhand toys are post-consumer and may, therefore, have come into contact with substances such as tree nuts, sesame, peanuts, milk, and other allergens. We advise rewashing of our toys after purchase to minimize this risk.

By purchasing our products you are assuming all risk associated with play. Tiny Toy Company Incorporated, also operating as Tiny Toy Co., is not responsible for any personal injury, allergic reactions, health ailments, death, choking, or disability caused by use of our products. A purchase signifies an electronic acceptance of these terms and the customer thereby agrees to release and forever discharges Tiny Toy Company Incorporated / Tiny Toy Co. from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss, personal injury or death while playing with, or around our products.

Terms & Conditions:

All sales are final. We offer no refunds nor exchanges. Tiny Toy Co.'s mandate is to extend the use of preloved toys, despite mild signs of use and imperfections incurred during their use by their original owners. While we do our best to disclose the specific condition of particular products, making a purchase on our site is considered acknowledgement of the secondhand, post-consumer nature of all products sold on our site.