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DELUXE Classroom Language Cabinet
DELUXE Classroom Language Cabinet

DELUXE Classroom Language Cabinet

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This complete classroom language cabinet comes with 44 drawers in 2 sizes, pre-labelled and pre-filled with language toys for instruction, inquiry, exploration, and sorting.

This NEW 20"x16" storage cabinet, filled with upcycled tiny toys for teaching, is just 6-1/1" deep. That makes it perfect for fitting on a table with room to work in front.

We've put 4+ items in each category, and there's enough room for you to add more and grow your classroom collection!

Included: All 26 letters including long and short initial vowel sounds, and hard and soft /C/ and /G/. We've opted to represent the typical phonetic role of letter X , e.g., fox, box, ax, sax, hexagon. We've included All 3 sounds of the letter Y, e.g., yellow, baby, fry. Also included: long and short vowel words (CVC) as well as long/short OO, rhyming pairs, -ing word family, and more!

Note: Due to the upcycled nature of our tiny toys for language instruction, the specific toys included in your kit may differ from those depicted here.