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LEGO Duplo-Compatible MEGA BLOKS
LEGO Duplo-Compatible MEGA BLOKS

LEGO Duplo-Compatible MEGA BLOKS

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These MEGA BLOCKS are a classic building set, and compatible with Lego DUPLO. They are perfect for growing or starting a building centre in your home playroom, daycare or preschool room. Each NEW 14" x 12" x 8" storage bin contains approx. 10 lbs of upcycled MEGA BLOCKS. Thats about 250 pieces, and each mix is unique!

Teacher Tip: Set your junior engineer up with materials to plan before they build: paper & crayons/pencils, pictures of structures around the world, books about building and construction, word lists with engineering vocabulary (words like stability, base, structure, height, depth, etc.) and tools to record their work when construction is complete (smart phone or tablet camera, paper & crayons/pencils, measuring tape or metre stick ruler.)

Curriculum Connections:

  • STEM engineering, design, construction
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cooperative planning & group work
  • Practice at the complete cycle of planning, execution of plans, recording of completed work & reflection on successes and ideas for growth.

Included: Approx 10 lbs of upcycled, Lego DUPLO-compatible MEGA BLOCKS bricks (approx. 250 pieces) in a NEW plastic storage tub.

Condition: very good to excellent used condition

Ages: 1-5+