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Wooden Loose Parts: Natural

Wooden Loose Parts: Natural

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Loose Parts for Learning are our specialty! This collection contains wooden loose parts in a variety of natural colours, in various shapes and sizes.

Contains: 50+ wooden pieces & 1 lace. Additional pieces may be added between product listing and shipping this item to you, at no extra charge. 

We're proud to have created this upcycled set through our signature (Re)Bulk process, combining pieces from many sources. Thank you for valuing the tremendous amount of work involved in this environmental rescue mission. Together, we're diverting toy waste away from landfill, and putting toys back in play.


Note: Due to small parts, changing safety and recall information, and the absence of original packaging/instructions, the safe use of all toys purchased secondhand, through Tiny Toy Co. or elsewhere, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please exercise judgement, and use online resources to assist in adhering to up-to-date safety information.