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Kids On Stage: The Charades Game for Kids (Ages 3+)
Kids On Stage: The Charades Game for Kids (Ages 3+)

Kids On Stage: The Charades Game for Kids (Ages 3+)

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Easy to learn, and fun to play! This great, dramatic board game engages the whole body, along with oral language and abstract conceptual development skills. Each player takes a turn acting out animals, objects, and actions while the other players guess. The whole family can play!

Teacher Tip: What a great way to introduce kindergarten and grade one students to the grammatical categories of nouns and verbs!

Condition: excellent used condition (like new!)

Ages: 3-6


The Tiny Toy Co. Upcycling Process: We're proud to create upcycled and refurbished game through our signature (Re)Bulk process, combining pieces from many sources over many months. Thank you for valuing the tremendous amount of work involved in this environmental rescue mission. Together, we're diverting toy waste away from landfill, and putting toys back in play.

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