Letter H Book + Activity Set
Letter H Book + Activity Set

Letter H Book + Activity Set

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The letter H is phonologically and phonetically interesting as you learn to make voiced and unvoiced letter sounds, plus it's a fun sound to learn! We have paired this cute story "The Day He Found H" by Ceecee Van Klaus with 12 upcycled language toys: horse, had, headband, hairbrush, hippo, helmet, headphones, hamster, hanger, heart, and The Hulk.

Teacher Tip: H makes a "hot" sound! Pretend to be out of breath an pant the H sound onto your open palm:  "h, h, h, hot!" Feel your hot breath on your hand as you make the sound.


  • The Day He Found H, by Ceecee Van Klaus (paperback)
  • 12 upcycled toys
  • 1 NEW plastic storage tub with snap lid

Ages: 3+ (small parts)

Curriculum Connections:

  • Play-based learning & exploration
  • Imaginative play
  • Phonemic awareness & Pre-Literacy skills