Loose Parts Learning: Booster Packs

Loose Parts Learning: Booster Packs

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Loose Parts Learning is a powerful, brain-building approach to play-based learning.

Our Loose Parts Learning Booster Pack contains everything you need to expand your Starter Set (sold separately) and to reactivate your child's interest in those powerful learning games & activities.

Pick up another Loose Parts Learning Booster Pack every month, or use them as gifts for your child's special achievements! Reactivate your child's interest in Loose Parts Learning with a fresh infusion of tiny toys and 2 NEW teacher-designed learning activity cards, sent right to your mailbox. Opening the mail has never been such fun!

Every Booster Pack Includes:

  • 2 *NEW* teacher-designed Activity Card with instructions for another powerful learning activity to add to your Starter Set deck.
  • 20 more hand-selected, upcycled tiny toys to add to your Starter Set (sold separately)

Ages: 4+ (small parts)

Curriculum Connections:

  • oral language & vocabulary
  • phonemic awareness
  • word work & spelling
  • sorting, counting, sequencing
  • S.T.E.A.M. project ideas, integrating IT and arts!
  • fine motor skills
  • upcycled crafts & activites