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Loose Parts for Play *LENDING LIBRARY*
Loose Parts for Play *LENDING LIBRARY*
Loose Parts for Play *LENDING LIBRARY*
Loose Parts for Play *LENDING LIBRARY*

Loose Parts for Play *LENDING LIBRARY*

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These fun 'boomerang' bins of Loose Parts for play-based learning are now available to borrow, anywhere in Toronto. We'll bring a bin right to your door for a month of play, and then we'll get it out of your way! Your lending fee covers:

  • Home delivery of a bin of toddler/preschool-safer or school-aged loose parts for play-based learning. 
  • Pick-up one month later, to be cleaned for safe re-use
  • A donation towards the responsible recycling of unusable toy plastics through TerraCycle



What are loose parts? How do you play with loose parts?

Loose parts are random parts and pieces perfect for either completely unstructured or guided play. Our unique loose parts bins are full of toy plastics, that have been diverted away from landfill, and sanitized for safe re-use in loose parts play!  Limited only by their own imaginations, kids can play, build, or use these pieces in any way they like. Here are some ideas to get them started: Which pieces sink and which ones float? Can you sort them by colour? By size? How else can you sort them? Add you favourite plastic animals and build a habitat using loose parts! Provide your player with paper, measuring tools, and writing materials and add a literacy aspect to their play. Show your child how to use photography and video tools on an tablet or smartphone, to create narrated videos or movie trailers about their creations. The possibilities are endless! 

Aren't broken toy pieces sharp? Are loose parts safe for my child?

We've curated our toddler-preschool safer bins using chunky, sturdy, fully-machined pieces. While the pieces are unique and random, none are broken. The are just as they were made, however separated they have become from their original function or game. Our school-aged bins have smaller pieces and pose a choking hazard. They are intended for ages 6+ only and should not be left unsupervised where younger children are present.

What kind of pieces are in the bins?

Each Loose Parts for Play bin is full of random pieces that are "structural" in nature. You will not find any toy characters or toy animals in these bins, for example. These pieces are perfect for building habitats, landscapes, or structures, as well as sorting and experimenting with engineering principles like stacking/stability, and floating/sinking. You can also borrow a plastic tub of animals, or toy characters to use in your play -- listed separately.

What if some toys get lost, or some of our home toys get mixed in?

We do ask that you try your best to put the Loose Parts for Play back in our green bin by pick-up day. However, we understand that toys get pretty much everywhere, when kids play! Talk to your child about putting all the Loose Parts back in the green bin, when play time is done. Remind your child that they don't want to lose any special toys by mixing them in the bin, and that the bin will be picked up after one month of play. We cannot be responsible for the return of any personal toys sent back mixed in the bin. We do not, however, inventory the number of pieces in each bin, and you will not be penalized for missing pieces on return of the bin.

Can I ship this item?

Sorry! This Lending Library program is exclusively available for free local delivery or curbside pickup in Toronto. This item cannot be shipped.