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Loose Parts Learning: Same & Different

Loose Parts Learning: Same & Different

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See the difference that high engagement, play-based learning makes for your child!

This original, play-based learning activity set teaches visual discrimination (similarities and differences) while developing your child's oral and/or written descriptive language skills. BONUS: We're including a great lesson card all about adjectives!

Learn how to use 2 graphic organizers as you sort 24 pairs of identical and similar-but-nonidentical toys. Use oral language to describe how they are the same, and different. Older learners are invited to use our (included) worksheets to write descriptive "compare & contrast" paragraphs.


  • 12 pairs of identical tiny toys (24 toys)
  • 12 pairs of visually similar, but non-identical tiny toys (24 more toys)
  • 24 mini cups for playing the classic matching game, Memory
  • Teacher-designed lesson plans for levelled, differentiated learning activities, complete with parent/teacher prompts to support learning.
  • Photocopiable worksheet with prompts for writing descriptive "compare and contrast" paragraphs.
  • Licence to photocopy all included worksheets and graphic organizers for personal or classroom, barring only reproduction for resale.
  • NEW game box

Ages: 4-10

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The Tiny Toy Co. Upcycling Process: We're proud to have created this upcycled set through our signature (Re)Bulk process, combining pieces from many sources over many months. Thank you for valuing the tremendous amount of work involved in this environmental rescue mission. Together, we're diverting toy waste away from landfill, and putting toys back in play.

Safety Note: Due to small parts, changing safety and recall information, and the absence of original packaging/instructions, the safe use of all toys purchased secondhand, through Tiny Toy Co. or elsewhere, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please exercise judgement, and use online resources to assist in adhering to up-to-date safety information.