Make a Pie: A Simple Game of Fractions

Make a Pie: A Simple Game of Fractions

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Teach and learn fractions through play. "The object of Make a Pie is to be the player with the most complete pies when the last slice is taken. Pieces consist of 5 pies cut into halves, thirds, quarters, eighths and twelfths. Strategy is used when takin gpieces from other player's pies, and a familiarity with the concept of fractions is learned in playing the game."

TEACHER NOTE: This game can easily be adapted for simplercooperative or solo play. Kids will also use this set and its real tablecloth (included) for dramatic play!

Set Includes:  spinner, pie slices in fractions1/2 1/3 1/4 1/8 1/12, real fabric tablecloth BONUS: This game is NEW IN BOX

Ages: 6+ / 2 Players

Curriculum Connections: Math, fractions, sharing, strategic thinking