Recycling Truck Play Set #5

Recycling Truck Play Set #5

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Open a discussion about urban, municipal waste collection through play, with this recycling truck play set. Green Toys trucks are made from 100% recycled plastic, and yours will be even greener, for being sourced secondhand. Each play set features a sack of upcyled toy debris that is guaranteed to fit through the collection slots in the side of the truck. Open the back hatch to unload!

Set Includes: 1 recycled plastic truck, 1 sack of upcycled plastic toy pieces, 1 toy skunk, 1 toy garbage can with opening lid, 1 toy rat, "National Geographic: Human Footprint" book (large format paperback) 

Ages: 3+ due to small parts

Curriculum Connections: environmental science, social studies, urban & rural communities