Rush Hour Logic Game *TEACHER'S PICK*
Rush Hour Logic Game *TEACHER'S PICK*

Rush Hour Logic Game *TEACHER'S PICK*

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Rush Hour is one of our Top 5 Educational Games for brain development! Set the traffic jams up using the levelled challenge cards, then maneuver the pieces to get out of the jam. This might be the perfect "purse game" when your family heads out to a restaurant.

Note: This game set has been lovingly refurbished using lost & found pieces from multiple sources to recreate a complete game. This is Tiny Toy Co. upcycling at its best!

Included: 16 vehicles, game board, levelled challenge cards, original box/packaging, and a NEW organic cotton storage bag to store the set (original box is not a storage box.)

Condition: Excellent Used Condition

Ages: 8+   Younger kids who are safe with small parts really enjoy using this as a puzzle. Simply trying to make all the vehicles fit is challenging as young as Pre-K/JK, and they enjoy playing with the vehicles. 

Curriculum Connections: play-based learning, fine motor coordination, logical thinking skills, problem-solving, multi-step executive functioning skills