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Ten-Frame Learning Set
Ten-Frame Learning Set
Ten-Frame Learning Set
Ten-Frame Learning Set

Ten-Frame Learning Set

Tiny Toy Co. Original
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The Base Ten number system is built entirely upon the number 10. Our metric system of measurement is, too! There are 10mm in a cm, 10 cm in a dm, 10 dm in a metre, and so on, and so on. Equip your child for success and and a love of mathematics with a deep understanding of the quantity 10.

Our customized Ten Frame is designed to perfectly fit our tiny toys, for play-based exploration and learning.

Your teacher-designed lesson card explains step-by-step how to use the frame to teach: visualizing quantities up to 10, counting up to 10, addition up to 10, subtraction from 10. 


  • 1 NEW Ten Tray (red, orange, teal, or lime - colour preference can be mentioned in comments at checkout but cannot be guaranteed)
  • 1 Ten Frame Mat
  • 1 Double Ten Frame Mat
  • 1 Ten Frame & "Make-and-Break 10" Mat
  • 20 tiny toys: 10 each of 2 kinds, to facilitate addition/subtraction
  • toy numbers
  • 3 great lessons to gain a deep understanding of the quantity 10

Condition: Excellent Used Condition

Ages: 4-10

Curriculum Connections:

  • Math: numeracy/number concept, addition, subtraction

NOTE: Due to the upcycled nature of this learning set, toys may differ from those in picture. Each set will include 10 of one kind, and 10 of another, for a total of 20 tiny toys.