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We've rescued these great Xs and Os to create a new-to-you Tic-Tac-Toe game that's perfect for a kindergarten classroom, the kitchen table, or to toss in your purse for restaurant dinners out with the family. Finding new uses for toys and giving them a creative second life is what we do best! 


  • 5 sturdy plastic Xs
  • 5 sturdy plastic Os
  • NEW organic cotton storage bag
  • NEW Tic-Tac-Toe game card

Condition of Pieces Included: Excellent Used Condition / NEW

Ages 4+ / 2 Players 

Curriculum Connections:

  • cooperative & competitive play skills (rule following, turn taking, patience, winning/losing)
  • critical thinking skills
  • strategic planning (one, two, or three steps ahead depending on age and ability)

Note: At Tiny Toy Co. we deliberately do not laminate our card stock game boards. We believe that nothing should last forever in the landfill. Should you need a replacement game board at any time we will be happy to mail you another, free of charge.