UpWords: The Stacking Word Game *DOUBLE SET*
UpWords: The Stacking Word Game *DOUBLE SET*

UpWords: The Stacking Word Game *DOUBLE SET*

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UpWords is one of our favourite language games, and doubles as a "loose parts" Word Study Centre. It's a teacher pick for great design and flexibility of play: follow the rules or leave out for free play; teachers can even use these great stacking tiles and board for word work during guided reading, or one-on-one reading support!

The letter tiles come together on the raised game board to build words *and* they stack, to change words already in play! The ability to lay a new letter over top of another is so important. This helps readers become phonemically flexible thinkers, who see the similarities and differences between words. FUN becomes FIN becomes PIN becomes PAN becomes PAD...

Don't keep this game on a shelf! Place all the letter tiles in a dish and practice this week's spelling words, or allow free play. Add some paper and writing utensils and you've got a whole literacy corner.

UPCYCLED: This game has been lovingly refurbished using lost & found pieces and multiple sets, to divert toy waste away from the landfill, and back into learning! 


  • UpWords game box
  • Over 200 plastic letter tiles (this set is double, and then some!)
  • 2 grey game boards which doubles as "word work" surfaces
  • 4 grey letter tile trays
  • rules/instructions

Condition: Excellent Used Condition

Ages: 3+ (small parts)

Curriculum Connections:

  • Word work, spelling, phonemic awareness
  • Cooperative / competitive play, rule following
  • Procedural comprehension, in reading and following steps of play
  • Creative language play