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Upcycled Party Favours
Upcycled Party Favours

Upcycled Party Favours

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At your next kids' party, class holiday party, or Halloween, avoid candy wrapper waste and raise awareness instead, with upcycled Tiny Toys.

These tiny toys are pre-tagged, to let families know your mission and spread the reuse movement. We attach our mission statement tags with upcycled Rainbow Loom elastics! 

"When you're finished enjoying this or any toy, please pass it along to friends, donate it in your community, or upcycle it with Tiny Toy Co. Visit to learn how we're diverting toys away from landfill, and back into play-based learning." 

NOW: Buy exactly the quantity you need, so nothing goes to waste!

Need lots? Grab a box of 50 pre-tagged, upcycled Tiny Toys and we'll pick your mix. Great for: birthday parties, school celebrations, food-free classroom rewards, and more! 

Try This at Home:  Now you can also order our tags & elastics on their own! Clean your own unwanted toys (we recommend running them through the dishwasher on hot with a heat dry, inside a garment bag) and tag them with our upcycling mission statement, so that families know you're keeping the environment in mind. Pick up a pack of tags & elastics here.